How do you Eshinee ship the goods?
Ordering product


Eyelash order process

1.Find your favorite eyelash style from our eyelashes lists.2.Customize the packaging.3.Get a total quote for eyelashes, packaging, and shipping4.Make the order and finish the payment.5.After the order is prepared, it will be delivered by the courier company.

Do you provide samples?

We can provide samples but you need to pay for it.1.Provide your favorite eyelash style and packaging style.2.Order samples and pay postage.3.Delivery by courier company

How to deal with the shortage of goods within the order?

Due to the large number of goods on the website, sometimes it is difficult to avoid shortage. We will contact you and confirm the inventory of goods in the first time after receiving the order, so as to reduce the possibility of shortage.

How to pay

We usually deal with the order by the way of payment to delivery. After you place the order, our customer service personnel will contact you in time. After confirming the order, you can make the remittance by means of bank remittance, online payment, etc. In order to make your order be processed quickly, please inform us in time after remittance for confirmation. We usually ship the goods as soon as the payment arrives and is confirmed.

How to view the progress of order processing?

You can log in Alibaba first, and then check your order. You can see the processing status of the latest order in your order information:"Unpaid" status indicates that processing has not started yet, please wait for our customer service personnel to contact you or contact us directly; "in distribution" status indicates that we have contacted you to confirm the order and started to distribute goods for you; "shipped" status indicates that your order has been processed and delivered, please wait for receipt;In the process of order processing, you can keep in touch with us at WhatsApp, Alibaba or other ways at any time to know the details of order processing.

How can you process your order faster?

Since we usually do the distribution and delivery only after the payment arrives, timely remittance after placing the order can ensure that your order can be processed faster. Due to the large amount of daily payment on the website, some goods may be out of stock, which may cause delay in order to process the order. Therefore, we suggest that you pay as soon as possible after placing the order, so the order will be processed as soon as possible.